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alan cameron


Alan Cameron is a writer/director from Fountain, Colorado. After 6 years of service in the United States Air Force, Alan attended film school at American University in Washington, D.C. Alan works full time as graphic designer in New York City and spends most of his free time writing, and thinking about the next big project


"I came into the (film) game a little late after completing my service in the Air Force. Naturally, I felt a little bit of pressure (from myself) to try and do things at a level that would separate me from the crowd of talented filmmakers. When Saylor had initially asked me to write and direct a feature, I had turned it down because I thought it would be impossible to complete as an undergrad at a high level with such a small budget. In the past, I had some good experience working within extremely low budgets and had really developed and embraced the skill of "making it work". 


Anyway, after researching some of my favorite directors, I found that most of them actually got their foot in the door by making their own feature film at 28 years old. From that moment on, I became hell bent on making this happen and I’m just lucky to have had Saylor who just so happened to be just as crazy as I am.."


saylor madden

From Dallas, TX, Saylor is the CEO of Head Out Productions and a graduate of American University in Washington, DC.  Saylor loves to work on film sets as well as work on excel sheets.


“This is my first feature film. It took around five months for pre-production, like finding locations, hiring actors, putting together a fundraiser. It was a huge project to take on while still being in school, but I’ve never felt more accomplished. It’s hard to say, while you’re an undergrad, that I produced a feature film, but now I can say I’ve done it.”


Director of Photography

lidia marukyan


From Armenia, Lidia studied cinematography at the York Film Academy Cinematography program. She is part of the faculty as an instructor for summer camp, sharing her experience and knowledge with young teenagers. Lidia has shot multiple short films and feature films.

Arnaud Drieu


Neil Rowe

Visual Effects

1st AC

Thierry Gysler

Eli O'Brien

Assistant Director


Saylor Madden


Lydia Myrakuin


Carson Murray


Script Supervisor

Madelyn Reagan

Jenna Graham

Costume & Makeup


Bryant Daugherty

Jake Taylor

Post ProductionColorist

Executive Producers

Alan Cameron

Saylor Madden

Dawn Brolin

Morgan Fox

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