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Frannie is an American Independent film produced by Saylor Madden and Written & Directed by Alan Cameron. 


After five years away from home after a falling out with her chaotic family, law school dropout Frannie receives a phone call from her older brother, Teddy, begs for her to come back home as her mother faces financial difficulties in the fallout of their father leaving yet again.


Frannie decides to return home to Windham, CT. Teddy tells her that they might lose the family house due to Beth’s (their mother) irresponsible spending habits. This started when Joe, Beth’s husband, abandoned the family. So when Beth finds her daughter standing over family photos, Beth awkwardly moves to make dinner for the chaotic extended family members’ arrival that evening.


During the dinner, Frannie decides to catch a breath outside. There she meets the new neighbour, Luke, a good-looking, blue collar man. The two hit it off and soon enough they go on their first date at a car garage. At the end of the date, Frannie kisses Luke only for Luke to be reluctant about the kiss. Embarrassed, Frannie runs into the house.

Although Frannie does not want to admit that being home with her family is not as bad as she had thought, for the next couple of days, Frannie bonds with her mother. However, at a neighbourhood bonfire, everything turns into a disaster, when Joe shows up drunk. Frannie kicks her father out for not being there for them and then proceeds to shout on her mother’s therapy megaphone, noting that she dropped out her first year of law school. While exposing her lies of the past five years, she explodes on her mother for letting Joe back into their life. Luke sees all of this, but not even Luke can save Frannie from her rage.


Waking up with a headache, Frannie finds her mother sitting next to her. Frannie asks for forgiveness. Beth accepts Frannie’s apology and reflects about her own faults. Frannie comes to terms with her chaotic family and learns to love their failures and accept her own. 


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